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Real 8x telescope, all-optical glass, real broadband green film for objective lens, blue film for eyepiece. The imaging effect is very clear and the workmanship is exquisite.

Product parameter

Magnification: 8 times

Caliber: 21 mm

Field of view: 6°

Field of view: 131m/ 1000m

Prism System: Roof

Prism material: BK7

Focusing system: central focus, right eye fine adjustment

Exit pupil diameter: 5.2 mm

Exit pupil distance: 16.0 mm

Close focus distance: 2 m

Optical coating: objective lens FMC green film eyepiece FMC blue film

Waterproof performance: life waterproof

Width: length 90x width (unfolded 100 ~ folded 60) x thickness 35mm

Net weight: 180 g

The complete set includes: 8X21 binoculars, lens cleaning cloth, backpack, lanyard, anti-irritant, manual, color packing box

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